PRODG, aktiver doppel 18″ Subwoover GTA 218 B

CHF 145.00 exkl. MwSt.

CHF 156.15 inkl. MwSt.

Self-powered subwoofer system of high performance, equipped with two (2) speakers of 18″ in a tuned enclosure. GTA 218 B is an excellent low reinforcement for all the systems from the GTA Series. The perfect solution for P.A. in outdoor events and permanent installation where it is necessary high performance and SPL. Since it is a subwoofer system, the transducer configuration generates an omnidirectional audio projection.

It is excellent to be combined with GTA 2X8 L.A. GTA 1X12 L.A. or IT-A 212 P.A. which allows different configurations of high performance and SPL.

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