Shape, SHAPE Swivel Monitor Mount for Atomos Neon 24 – SHUB24K

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The SHAPE Swivel Monitor Mount for Atomos Neon includes a Top plate with a briefcase Top handle as well as two sides plates designed to be inserted in monitor catchers on each side of the horizontal tube bracket assembly. Both sides plates and the top plate have Velcro strips already installed to attach the sun hood to prevent light from flaring the monitor. The whole system is designed specifically to support the Neon 24” monitor/recorder providing precise tilt adjustments for viewing. This matte black bracket limits reflection. It features a 750 spigot pin receiver which allows you to mount the bracket onto a C-stand. It also features SHAPE’s well-known push-button adjustment system that enables you to tilt the monitor up to 170° forward and back in 4° increments. Once you’ve set the tilt, a locking knob enables you to lock it in that position so it doesn’t shift until you wish to change the angle. The locking knob secures your monitor at the angle you set it and the system supports up to 20 lbs / 10 kg.

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Shape, SHAPE Swivel Monitor Mount for Atomos Neon 24 – SHUB24K