PRODG 12″ Aktiver Lautsprecher IT-A 212 P.A.

CHF 2620.00 exkl. MwSt.

CHF 2821.75 inkl. MwSt.

The New IT-A 212 P.A. is a high performance multipurpose self-powered system of 2-way equipped with one (1) speaker of 12″ in a tuned enclosure. The HF section has one (1) compression driver of 1/4”. Ideal as sonorous reinforcement for all the systems from the lT-A Series.

The new IT-A 212 P.A. incorporates a rotating diffuser with coverage: 80º x 50º, to be used individually or to work horizontally stacked or flown with two or more units together as X-Array system of constant curvature, or vertically adapted thanks to its special flight hardware to also work as a Line Array system.

Excellent to be used as main P.A, frontfill and sidefill with or without subwoofer, as portable system, in permanent installation, or as monitor for voice and instruments. IT-A 212 P.A. incorporates an amplifier module GT 1.2 V which allows amplify itself, and another passive unit IT 212 P.A. in slave mode.

It is excellent to be combined with GTA 118 B or GTA 218 B, which allows different configurations of high performance and SPL.

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