Pro Intercom, Partyline Intercom RSM300 Remote Sub-Master

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The RSM300 is a sub-master station powered by the system’s master station (MS301) and is connected to one or more of the MS301’s communications circuits. There are a variety of ways in which it may be used. The most common is to provide the manager of a sub-group of the technical staff with an RSM300, provide a connection to the Master Station, and have the rest of the sub-group connected to the RSM300. In this way communications among the members of the sub-group are selective to themselves and do not add to the cumulative clutter on one of the main circuits. Because the RSM300 has 3 circuits and is using only one to communicate with the Master Station, it can have two separate sub-groups of its own. For example, a Lighting Director may want to have his automated lighting staff on one circuit, and the follow-spot operators on another.
A second application for the RSM300 is to provide one or more sub-masters which include all of the circuits and functions of the MS301 Master Station, lacking only the ability to control the distribution of Program Audio. This is done by simply connecting each of the circuits of the RSM300 to one of the circuits of the MS301 where each will share communications with the stations connected to that circuit. The operators would be sharing the activities of the main director. This could be useful in a very large system where the Main Director has assistants who have physically different positions and views. This could be true in a competition, or any event where judging is taking place.



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