Pro Intercom, Partyline Intercom Adapter AD950

CHF 560.00 exkl. MwSt.

CHF 603.10 inkl. MwSt.

The AD950 is a simplified, inexpensive device for connecting your intercom system to a standard telephone line. It is connected to the intercom system just as is a beltpack, through a rear panel 3-pin XLR. A second XLR is provided for looping through to the next station on the circuit.
The connection to the telephone line is done with a standard modular telephone cable.
The AD950 does not have an auto answer feature. When the red LED flashes to indicate an incoming call, moving the hook switch from On to Off will answer the call and connect it to the intercom system. The second modular jack on the rear is for connecting a simple telephone with a DTMF keypad, for initiating calls from the AD950. Simply move the hook switch to Off and dial the number.
A recessed, screwdriver-adjust control on the front panel allows compensation for the varying levels on telephone lines.
The AD950 is powered by the intercom system and does not require batteries or a separate power supply. The front panel green LED indicates that the unit is being powered.

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