Mipro, ACT-311B Single-Channel Diversity Receiver

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In 2011, MIPRO launched the ACT-3 Series, a culmination of years of technology. Four models are available: the ACT-314 is a 1U quad-channel receiver , the ACT-300B is a 1U dual-channel receiver, the ACT-312B is a 1/2U dual-channel receiver and the ACT-311B is a 1/2U single-channel receiver. The green backlit LCD screen with control panel instead of cheap LED indicators offers easy operation and more value. The diversity receiving circuit offers stable and optimal performance. It has more interference-free compatible channels and is easy to install and operate.

ACT-3 Series receivers are compatible with ACT-32H handheld and ACT-32T bodypack powered by AA batteries, ACT-32HC handheld, ACT-32TC bodypack and ACT-22T miniature transmitters powered by one rechargeable lithium battery. They offer the most economical alternative to stage, karaoke and PA applications.

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