Middle Things, Fiber Unite 5 12G – MT-FIB5XUNITE12G

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Built for on-location multi-camera workflows in mind, the Fiber Unite 5 converts 5 pairs of SDI In/Out 4K video signals and a LAN connection into a single 12 channel optical cable : Neutrik opticalCON MTP® 12. 

Ever felt the time-consuming task of pulling so many cable drums from the control room to the stage ? With the Fiber Unite 5 converter, you can merge up to 5 pairs of 4K SDI IN / SDI Out signals + a LAN connection into one single 12 channel MTP® 12 fiber cable. You can connect the other end of the MTP® 12 cable into either : 

Another Unite 5 module that will demerge into 5 SDI In/Out Pairs + LAN. 
A Fiber Bridge 5, which will split it into 5 OpticalCON Duo connectors that can be used with Fiber Camera Boxes, acting as an intermediary stage box. 
A multichannel  optical cable is lighter and much more reliable than a traditional copper BNC cable since it is insensitive to all electromagnetic interferences. You can run your fiber cable over thousands of miles with zero dropouts. 


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